Be IN the experience of awareness not In the awareness of the experience. (2)


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In this workshop you will understand how to:

  • Deprogramming the beliefs men hold around what it means to "be a man"
  • De-Storying [destroying] the belief around "MAN UP!"
  • Learning to reprogram traumas, limiting beliefs & triggers
  • Creating the framework for your embodied masculine to remain grounded in changing emotions and energetic climates
  • Manifesting through sex magic and self pleasure rituals

In this workshop you will receive the tools, techniques and practical skills to root deep into your masculine groundedness.

To understand what it feels like to be unwavering in the vacillating energy of the feminine emotional experience.

While allowing yourself to navigate your triggers, traumas and beliefs to empower yourself into your fullest masculine energy.

This workshop is for men who...

  • Are desiring to understand and anchor more deeply into their masculine

  • Feel lost and confused with how to navigate and process their emotions, triggers and traumas.
  • Desire support by their fellow brothers, to receive the tools, guidance and techniques to anchor into their Masculine purpose
  • Who desire to heal childhood wounding and trauma around their beliefs about manhood and masculinity